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    parallax responsive possible ?




      I tried adobe edge lastest version,


      I have create a project W : 100% and H: 8000px


      The goal is to create a vertical parallax scrolling by putting some picture under each other  to fit the height of 8000px.


      the scroll seem to work so I decide to make it responsive so I want all the image to resize to fit the new size. I use preset for responsive layout for each picture

      and I set it to scale background image.


      but the problem come when resize the layout there's space between each image because they are resize to fit and they come smaller so the top position is not the same... so the only way is to add even resize on Stage

      to put each image top on bottom of each image.


      I wonder if there a better way for doing this or the only way is by even.


      by the way here the resize code


      var pic1= sym.$("pic1");

      var pic2 = sym.$("pic2");


      var sHeight = pic1.height();

      sHeight = sHeight + "px";




      the problem is when resize pic1.height(); is allways the same start value no mather what....  there's no after_resize event