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    De-prioritize groups

    travisbrainerd Level 3

      To me, groups only have rare actual uses, but are are often learned by Flash beginners to avoid learning proper symbol usage. Not only do they lead to messy files (groups within groups etc.), but vector points aren't editable from the "outside", unlike with Drawing objects.


      My suggestion is to add a default shortcut for converting raw art to a Drawing object. Something more clear than navigating to "Modify>Combine Objects>Union", a convoluted menu option most users will never learn. I'm not necessarily saying to get rid of Cmd+G, but it shouldn't be such a "prioritized" action.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          to me, grouping objects can be a significant convenience, and i see no downside to cmd+g for people, like yourself, that feel differently:  change the shortcut if you don't like it.

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            travisbrainerd Level 3

            Actually I'm not saying the shortcut be removed, I'm just suggesting a default shortcut for Convert to Drawing Object should be made equally convenient.


            Groups seem like a time-saver on the fly, but they create problems when multiple users share a file. Unlike symbols, groups can't be searched for in the library or animated with tweens. Also, since they don't have a layer system they have to be manually broken apart and rearranged when someone wants to work with the artwork created inside them.