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    Simplest way to use JSON (remote) data to drive dynamic text, size, or animation speed.




      I would like to know the SIMPLEST way to use JSON or JSONP to call data from, say, a weather API (such as wind speed) to control various parameters, such as animation speed or dynamic text, etc.


      How to most simply and elegantly do that? Most JSON examples pull all the data from a JSON list and it's messy and uses $.each to loop through the array and blah.


      I want a SIMPLE way to SIMPLY call a single JSON value from a JSON file and update text in an animation using a command like: sym.$('name').html($.getJSON('url:http://apiurlhere')).keyname_of_data_to_add_here


      Thanks in advance for saying that is easy and showing how to do it. Been trying all day. (yes, ridiculous I know)


      Also would appreciate any links to tutorials on using Parse or another database to write and read data. Basically would like to use Edge and Phonegap to make apps.