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    Tracking Issue AFTER EFFECTS version


      Im new to after effects and am trying to copy the demon face tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXMDdGHAhnk but can't get the tracking to influence any effects I add. 1. Imported Video 2. Stabilise motion-rotation and position-set both points-analyse-apply 3. Add liquify effect to distort subjects face. When i play the composition the effect doesn't track with the subjects movement, any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Any advice would be much apprechiated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, you are stabilising instead of tracking... Stabilization moves the footage and applies the inverse transform. Use the normal tracking modes.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Here's the problem with Liquify. The effect is based on Comp Space not on layer position so if you add liquify to a layer and you move the layer the distortion does not move. You have to apply the transformations to the Liquify Mesh Offset to get the distortion to move.


            Here's what I would do:

            1. Add your movie to the timeline
            2. Stabilize Motion by picking some point on the footage that you want to lock in position. Say you want to add a twist to the mouth, then pick a corner of the mouth and track that.
            3. Apply Stabilize motion to the clip so that, in this example, the corner of the mouth does not move on the screen
            4. Add an adjustment layer and apply Liquify
            5. Add a null to your composition
            6. Tie the null's position to the Anchor Point of the stabilized footage. (The animated anchor point is what stabilizes the footage) using the Pickwhip
            7. IMPORTANT - Move the CTI to the first frame
            8. Also Important - Tie the Liquify Distortion Mesh Offset to the Position of the Null using the pickwhip
            9. Make the null the parent of the footage
            10. Your Distortion mesh will now track the track point
            11. Animate your liquify effect.

            Here's an explanation of the expression of what the expressions do and what the parenting does. The expression tying the null to the stabilized layer's anchor point makes the null move with the tracked point on the footage. The expression tying the Liquify Offset Mesh center to the position of the null makes the move with the tracked point on the footage. When you parent the footage to the null layer the position of the tracked footage is offset by the anchor point removing the stabilization but keeping all the data to use in your project. Here's what your timeline should look like:


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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Glad you got it figured out. I feel like I should mention that you're a few updated behind. 13.2 is the current version of AE.