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    Error Message in Lightroom 5.7 in slideshow module: "dynamiclinkmediaserver has encountered an error."


      I'm working in Lightroom 5.7 on an iMac with Yosemite iOS installed.  When I go to create a slideshow from a collection of images, I'm getting the following error:

      dynamiclinkmediaserver has encountered an error.

      This appears to cause a subsequent issue - when I go to select an itunes track to play as part of the slideshow (.m4a) the track isn't recognised & I have the error " the selected file is not a valid music file".  The music file doesn't appear to be an issue - I can easily load it into my laptop (using LR4) & it will play as part of the slideshow.


      Not really sure to go with this issue - has anyone got any ideas?


      Would really appreciate some assistance