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    Please help! "Photoshop has stopped working"


      Please help me - message: "Photoshop has stopped working" - know what to do ... I can not use the newly installed photoshop program.


      My problem is that as soon as (or about 5 seconds) after I opened Photoshop CC, I get an error message stating that "Photoshop has stopped working". I can not use my newly installed photoshop programs.


      I have just the "factory reset" my HP PC with Windows 7 operating system. I have updated everything to be updated in Windows and signed me for Adobe CC at Adobe.com. Now I have installed Photoshop CC, CC Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro X1, ExtendScript Toolkit CC and Extention Manager CC.


      I have uninstalled and reinstalled photoshop to see if the program works for it - but no, it does not. I have also tried holding down the three keys Shift - Ctrl - Alt, In connection with that I open the program (I googled the problem and someone tipped off that there could be a solution to the problem) but unfortunately also without success.


      The thing is that all the other Adobe CC program works fully on the computer (InDesign, Illustator and pdf tool Acrobat Pro X1). They work flawlessly.


      What to do?


      Best Regards