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    Message: Premiere Elements Incompatible Display Driver


      Something very strange has happened to my Premiere Elements project screen. The story is that yesterday I tried to burn a slideshow which I had created from several different sources( Facebook downloads, photos from emails, snatches of video)  to a blank DVD. Unfortunately by mistake I set it to Blu-ray instead of AVCHD with the result that after 2 hours nothing had happened. When I realised my mistake I cancelled and altered the setting and the disc was burned successfully. I shut the computer down. When I next wanted to use Premiere Elements a notice appeared to the effect that an "incompatible display driver" was being used, giving the information" Intel(R) HD graphics Family 3.0.0 - Build" and saying that I should update the driver. I got rid of the notice and the program began to load as normal, except for one thing: the Monitor panel remains blank (and white), except for the lines that the titler displays in order to show the safe margins. I have looked at the Intel  webpage and read the information about the various drivers for 64bit machines but am afraid to try and download something myself in case a) it is the wrong driver and b) it might simply make a bad situation worse. I can't help wondering whether I should simply uninstall and then reinstall the program and see if that puts it all right again.

      What would you advise?