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    32bpc Quick Query


      Hi guys,


      Done a little bit of googling on this, but after 20 minutes perhaps asking might speed this up.


      I'm working in a linear workflow at 32bpc.

      What I'm curious about.. Can I work at 8bpc then for the final render change the setting to 32bpc?

      It's a very vector based motion design project and I'm using the higher bit depth particularly for nicer colour gradients etc.


      Thanks guys

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That will depend on specifics like whether you use effects like Glow or layer blending modes. They work differently in 8 bit/ 16bit vs. 32bit and thus will affect appearance. If that's not an issue, then this might be a viable option, though generally then one would simply work in 16bpc all the time.



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            aceleyace Level 1

            ah yes, good point, it sounds like 16 bit is a much better idea to try and work with

            thanks Mylenium


            If anyone else reading this has any other thoughts or input it would be much appreciated