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    How do I download the stand alone Lightroom version without Creative Cloud


      Adobe has made it IMPOSSIBLE to download the stand alone version for Lightroom. Even though you have bought the product and already have a serial number, there is no way to actually download it again without being forced to use Creative Cloud. What creative cloud does is thinking that you have a trial version and simply makes it impossible to use Lightroom after 30 days. There is also nowhere in Lightroom to add the serial number. (??!!)

      On the Adobe website, they only direct you to the latest download of the Lightroom version and also forces you to download Creative Cloud. All in all, this makes NO sense to me, and as loyal, long-time Adobe user I'm so disappointed that they are doing an Apple move here- forcing you to use services you simply don't want to use- and at the same time making it impossible to find the what you really want.

      If you've ever tried contacting Adobe directly, you've also noticed that it's impossible to do so as well. What you get, is only this forum and no other contacting means!


      Adobe, what's going on? You will lose users like this. Get your **** together and start thinking about the customers.


      I hope someone else knows the solution to my Lightroom problem.