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    New MacbookPro 6,1 install. 8GB ram, 512G SSD, Yosemite, and PE12. Program is completely unresponsive, unusable



      I blew everything away and reinstalled the OS (after a new disk purchase. I needed more than 256G SSD, so I upgraded).

      So, this is a Fresh yosemite install on a Core i7 MBP 6,1 with 8G RAM.


      I just installed and updated Premiere Elements 12.


      It took an hour and a half to import a 52 minute mpeg4 from my Cisco Flip camera.


      Now that it's finished, any action I take results in a spinning beachball. The OS reports that the program is not responding. Activity monitor reports that the program is using 100-120% of my CPU. (I assume this is a poorly written program which can't utilize all four processor cores at once? *sigh*).



      This is as plain-vanilla as you can get. New OS, New program install, freshly updated. Complete failboat.



      I need to know what to do to fix this. I feel like I lit a $100 bill on fire and wasted 2 days of my life.