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    Strange artifacts in rendered 4k video


      As the title says, I get strange artifacts with 4k video no matter what settings I use. I tried to output it in 4k as well as downsample to 1440p and 1080p even and there there are still artifacts. Tried out various bitrates from 20 to up to 80 Mbps. Here are some examples:


      They are really bad and clearly visible artifacts on the lower right and left side over the roads. As a whole I am not satisfied with the image quality that was produced, although the source is top notch and no artifacts whatsoever.


      Here is a lossless still of the source footage:



      And here is the same video without the downsample(4k):



      Another clip with the same problems:



      Still from the same clip from source:



      So as you can see, before I render the stuff it looks gorgeous but after, well, not so much. I cant figure out what the problem could be.


      Here is my render settings for 4k:



      And here for the down sampled version 1440p:



      Sideinfo: I used fraps to record the footage in the gta 4 video editor at 6 fps, then interpret the footage in adobe premiere to 30 fps and speed up the video 200%.


      I hope I provided enough information. Would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out or knows how to fix this. Thank you in advance!