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    Premiere Pro CC 2014 and Radeon R9 295x2 issues


      Just added the R9 295x2 to my system and have experienced a few issues. I installed the Catalyst 14.12 with the newest drivers and when OpenCL acceleration was enabled there was no video display at all in the source or program monitors. Is Premiere not yet supporting these newest drivers? I instead tried installing the previous driver, 14.9 and the issue was resolved. However I now have the issue of tearing during playback. I have an NEC 4K monitor and when I enable playback to this monitor it displays tearing on playback of both 1080 and 4K files. Hoping to get this issue fixed and perhaps the newest drivers can be supported and resolve all issues?


      Windows 7

      4930K CPU

      Radeon R9 295x2

      512GB SSD

      32GB RAM

      27 inch Asus 1080p for GUI

      24 inch NEC 4K for playback