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    How do I sharpen video from DSLR in Premiere Elements 11?


      I've been using PE11 for some time now. Mostly for home videos and a youtube channel. Up until this point I have used a Canon Vixia HF M-50 which was great. I had to do very little adjusting the picture in post for what I needed. But I just recieved a Canon 7D with a couple good lenses and I will be selling the Vixia. I know the 7D has the capability to take much better video and I am getting better at the manual settings. Most tutorials out there say to have your settings with the sharpness and contrast turned all the way down and adjust in post. The sharpen "effect" doesn't really do much and my footage from the vixia looks much sharper. Any help out there for a newb? Or am I going to have to upgrade my computer and software to keep up with the new equipment?

      Thanks for any help you can offer.