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    Completely blank installation window


      Windows 7 Home Premium  Service Pack 1 64bit

      IE Explorer 11.0.9600.17501


      Trying to install the latest version of Adobe Flash player.  I was on V. 15 something trying to update to the 16+ version  (sorry I don't have the exact version numbers).

      Following instructions exactly, I can download the installer, but when I run it I get a window titled 'Adobe Flash Player Installer'.   It is completely blank.  In Task Manager this shows up as Adobe Installation Helper.


      So I killed this via Task Manager (which is the only way that I could stop whatever was going on), uninstalled Adobe Flash Player using the instructions on the web, which did indeed uninstall Adobe Flash Player.  I've now re-downloaded the installer, closed the browser, run the installer and I still have a completely blank window titled 'Adobe Flash Player'.  I do notice that the memory usage is slowly climbing.


      What is going on - and how do I get Flash Player installed?