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    Crashes when importing any video format


      Hello! So I recently (Christmas last year) got a new computer
      Windows 7 8GB Ram 64bit and well I installed Premiere Pro (Creative cloud) but there is a slight issue which is very annoy and should not happen at all


      Premiere crashes whenever I try to import any kind of video in any kind of format.
      This actually renders my video editing software useless and I really shouldn't be paying for a program that is not working.
      I use to be able to run Premiere on a Windows 8.1 Laptop with 4gb of ram quite fine but now it doesn't.


      I have done a very quick google search and have found little to no results and any results that I have found did not work for me.
      So please, I implore you to help me fix this problem. Please.

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          I'm having the same PremirePro issue (can't import pix or video) with a new Windows PC.  Getting 3 AppData errors in the local Temp file: 1. WERInternalMetadata.xml 2. appcompat.txt 3. tmp.hdmp  There's a different prefix to each of these files, but I don't think they are that important.


          If anyone knows how to solve this and import my pix and video, please let me know.  Thanks!