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    How do you update all of the timecodes for a Closed Caption track


      I created my Closed Caption track as the last step in my planned workflow, but then had to make an adjustment with the team to place new intro music. This ended up meaning we had to trim the un-captioned intro section of the video, and bring forward by about 2 seconds, everything in the Closed Caption track. If I move or trim the Close Caption track, the in/out time codes do not update to match their new position in the timeline. Is there a way to update all of the caption in/out times to match their position in the timeline?2015-01-11_15-24-43.jpg


      As you can see in the screen capture, the first caption now displays 00;00;24;00 but previously was at 00;00;26;25. We want the in time in the caption area to reflect the timeline.




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          monstremoi Adobe Employee

          Is the caption track embedded into the media you are editing in the Sequence? 

          The safest bet would be to edit the captions separately in their sidecar format, re-position them over the changed media, and then re-embed them this way.

          With an embedded MOV: You could unlink the caption track and move it to the correct position and reembed -- though unlinking caption tracks with embedded MOVs and reembedding can produce captions being missed. I discourage this... due to captions possibly being omitted, but you could try. Bugs have been filed on this problem

          If you have an embedded MXF: MXF embedding is more robust: Unlinking captions, moving caption tracks, and reembedding to MXF is not a problem.

          But I might now be understanding the editing you have done or want to do.