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    No Solutions i see

    Joe Bodego Level 1

      Well after hours on google, this forums, no one has the solution for this issue that affects our company and time spent doing our jobs. We've updated all our software to CC2014 and issues abounds. What doesn;t work, works slowly. We use PVII extentions from project 7 and the Adobe extention manager does not even recognize Dreamweaver? it shows "Others". Strange but this is Adobe and common sense goes out the window with these people. We are left with about a dozen extensions that does not show up in cc2014. Questions asked here are not answered with any solutions, people tend to respond to ANYTHING but the real issue. I ask again, is there anyway that dreamweaver cc2014 can ever be seen by extension manager 7.3.2? Stright answer, nothing else and if it can how come we cant see it. Thank heavens there is one machine in the office that wasn;t updated that we can still use to earn a living. We are very disappointed with adobe....

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          K.Woods Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Joe


          I'm using Extension Manager build and Dreamweaver CC 2014 on both Mac and Win and I'm not having any issues. Do you have the latest release of DW which is build 6947?


          CC Desktop app has also been updated: If you have all the latest builds and do a full shutdown and restart, then launch Extension Manager, it should detect that you have DW 2014 installed. If it doesn't please clarify if the CC Desktop App recognizes that DW CC 2014 is installed?

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            Joe Bodego Level 1

            yes i do, i just need to make this damn thing work, i blame adobe,