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    [P.E. 13] Is the motion tracking tool broken ?


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      The motion tracking tool of Premiere Elements 13 does not seem to work properly. I want an image to follow the subject of a clip and I found a tutorial that teaches just that : Motion tracking | Learn Premiere Elements 12 | Adobe TV Now, when I go through the steps of this tutorial, everything goes fine (I draw a selection shape around the subject, Premiere detects the movement alright) until the last step, when the graphics stubbornly refuse to attach to the motion tracking area. It doesn't matter where I drop them in the monitor panel : they do not attach. The thin yellow frame that surrounds my motion tracked subject doesn't even turn blue, like it should, when I drag pictures over it. Could someone using Premiere Elements 13 check if the feature is working on his/her side ? I mean, it's the main reason I bought this piece of software, so I hope there's a way to make it work.


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