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    How to log "send failed" to a file instead of showing a pop-up message


      Hi, I am working with Flex 4.1 on Linux but I suppose this problem must be common to all versions of Flex.


      I am working on a Flex client front-end which connects to a Java back-end (in Tomcat) via BlazeDS. All of this works OK 99.9% of the time. However, from time to time (let's say, if the client browser has been open for several hours), the user gets a pop-up message saying "Send failed". It seems to be a harmless transient error -- if the user closes the pop-up, the front-end carries on as usual and seems to continue to work as expected.


      Is there a way to have the "send failed" message written to a log file instead of opening a pop-up message?


      As a separate problem, if anyone has seen occasional, transient "send failed" errors, I would be interested to hear about that. If you have some solution to make them go away, that would be terrific.


      Thanks for your time, I appreciate your help.


      Robert Dodier