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    Strange pink-ish text box (not a missing font issue)


      I don't know what the brownish-pinkish margin around the textbox, and the colored fill, indicate. Here you see it. One story ends. Then the next story is all pinked.


      It disappears when I check 'overprint preview'. So it's some sort of warning or indication. It doesn't appear when I open the same file on a different machine. It looks like the pink that indicates a missing font but the pink is associated with the whole story. It goes on for dozens of pages through many linked textboxes. And there is no missing font. The font in that box is the same as the font in the white box above. Find font indicates no missing fonts. Select the font in the box and everything is ok.


      Here's a different image, to show that the pink fill and the outline are associated with the box itself (or the story, rather). I just offset the box a bit.



      What the hell is it? If I may ask.