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    Broken import feature.


      What on earth happened in the .7 update!? so i noticed after .6 that i could right click on a folder in my list and click on 'import to this folder' neat that makes things way easier!

      Now when ever you try to import to a folder once it starts importing but to the 'root' it ignores everything you tell it.

      also when right clicking and going to properties it's giving me a directory not even related to that folder, but another one, and its chucking random folders in the listed directory for no reason.

      for example the files are H:/photos/ops/theatre/show3/rehearsals, but when i go to properties, it says h:/photos/ops/theatre/show2/2014/show3/reheasals/

      that directory doesnt even exist. all the files can still be open'd, edited. but the import feature is drunk.