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    Need a custom viewer

      OVERVIEW: I am a high school teacher in Costa Rica, Central America. I am producing a series of lessons in Spanish on using Microsoft Office applications. These lessons are being produced using Camtasia Studio 4 in swf format. The lessons are to be distributed to students on a CD to be viewed on "public" computers (school, work, Internet Cafe) where no files can be uploaded to the computer.

      The minimum system available to the students is:
      Windows 95 or better
      166mHz Pentium processor
      32mb RAM
      16-bit color SVGA display card
      Sound card
      4x CD-ROM drive

      REQUIREMENT: I need to include on the CD a custom viewer that will run from the CD and allow the student to view the lessons. This viewer has to be a fixed custom size (small enough to fit in the corner of the screen so that the student can view the lesson and make entries on the application, such as Excel). The viewer has to "stay on top" so that the student can make entries in the application without the viewer disappearing. The viewer also has to be customized with DVD/VHS type buttons like PLAY, PAUSE, BACK, FORWARD with the buttons labeled in Spanish.

      PLATFORM: Windows 95 through XP.

      I am not a programmer. I have talked to several programmers about creating this viewer in Zinc and mProjector and I am told that these programs create applications that required high speed CPU's and a lot of memory. Several have recommended Director because it can be used to create an application that will run on lower level computers.

      I have a lot of students who want to learn. The lessons I have created are good and I need a way to deliver them to the students. Is there someone out there who is a Director programmer who would be interested in contributing their knowledge and expertise to help with this project?

      Additional details, sample files, etc. are available upon request.

      Steve Fargo
      San Jose, Costa Rica
      Skype: steve.fargo