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    How to auto name files from tape import?

    WebOfWebs Level 1

      In our shop the workflow is like this: I'm given a box of tapes to digitise. I grab a camera from the shelf, connect it, and use a nifty program to import the tapes - they get named date-time-topic.avi    Then another prog is used to deinterlace and convert them to Type2, and we're all set for PPro.


      I was pleased to discover that importing directly into PPro now does the Type1 to type2 conversion.

      The deinterlace is still being hotly debated whether to use PPro for this.


      My question is the naming of files.

      I cant see how to name the file, or files, using the videos timestamp. Where's the controls for this?

      It would save a lot of time to just import directly, and we don't have the option of changing our workflow at this time, so is it possible?