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    Adding meta tags in Word 2013?

    mr.scribbler Level 1

      Hi, I am building a CSH system by creating a Word doc that I will import to RH11. To link to the relevant application GUI, I need to add IDs to the <head> of each linked page, for example:


      <meta name="PageIdentifier" content="2cb189c6-7410-4634-a5b5-e89cecfcbf57" />


      Can this be done in Word somehow? The best I can come up with is to include the ID in the Word doc, then mark it as an Index entry. When I import I select Convert Index->Add to Topics. In RB I then change the MS-HKWD tag to PageIdentifier. Just wondered if there was an easier way?





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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I haven't tried it but maybe if you created your Word file as an HTML file rather than a DOC file you could then add it? I don't know if Rh would keep the line in though.


          Alternatively create the output and then use a simple find and replace tool to add the line.


          Creating your content in Rh is not difficult, gives more control over appearance than importing / linking and is generally a better workflow.


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