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    Import flash proffesional file to flash builder and let it show up on stage.



      Im trying to get my app (made in Flash Proffesional) to work in Flash Builder.

      And by working I mean I want it to show up on stage.

      I tried to do this with a Flash Proffesional Container component.. But its not showing anything.

      Is there a way to make this work?

      The reason I want my project to show up in Flash Builder is to add a button that integrates the Android Layar SKD (Layar is an app that can make print interactive etc.) into my android app. How to do this is shown in this tutorial. Tutorial - Integrate Android SDK – Layar Developer Documentation

      So my question is: Is it possible to import my app (made in flash proffesional) into flash builder and create a button that will lead to the Android Layar SKD? or are there other ways (for exampe with actionscript 3) to inegrate the Android Layar SDK?

      Thanks already,