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    Navigation Menu to Frame number

      Hi, I'm a total noob when it comes to scripting in object languages, but have made some leaps in the basics of it with the help of tutors and books... still lacking severely though...

      I made a page in flash with the help of some pre-made fla sources and the slide presentation that came with Flash 8 tutorial. I understand how to make a button advance and rewind frame by frame, but when I attempt to link the navigation buttons in another area of the page to specific frames it does not work.

      I have tried to make the action on the object itself, on a transparent layer above the button and also with the 'hit' frame of the button... still get nothing but the cursor changing from mouse to hand...
      I use the on (release) { gotoFrameNumber ('X') } to set a specific frame and using the script assistant I select the current scene.

      any help or insight as to why I am not able to make a simple 'go to frame number x' work is appreciated.

      You can see the site here...

      the AS script for the navigation menu is as follows: ( I did not write this script)