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    Error getting license Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED


      So I downloaded a book from the local library.  Downloaded Digital reader 4.0 on an XP machine which continually crashed.  Adobe says to try and download software from a different browser.  What?.  Downloading from a different browser makes a difference?  Why not straight FTP?   So to humor them .....   Still Crash.   Oh  Uninstall and reinstall...   Need to reboot after uninstall.    Still Crash with 4.0  .   Downloaded  1.7.2   Appears to be working but book not found.   Locate book in Directory [Folder for the youngsters]  double click   and get error. 
      Open .acsm in notebook and I see it says  "<expiration>2015-01-04T20:37:41-05:00</expiration>"  Library says...  1/18.

      adobe ebook reader problem.png

      I notice the -5:00  I am guessing that means  -5:00 GMT.  Well where I  live it is - 7:00 GMT

      AZ Time Win XP.png

      Do not know if this has anything to do with the issue...

      AZ Time Win XP Internet.png

      But I am getting quite frustrated with this for just trying to read a book.  How can I possibly recommend this software to anyone when problems like this arise?   Interesting, when I first searched the forum for this issue it came up with this.

      Adobe 1969 Question.png

      1969???  Really???   And I should correct the clock on my computer??


      So any ideas on How I might be able to read the book I downloaded?


      Chris Wagner