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    Creating a multipage PDF that prints 2 booklets side by side?


      Hi I am a designer with NO pre-press experience and I need some help!


      I am trying to print a booklet that is set at 8.5 x 7 as a 2 up document on 8.5 x14 paper. My problem is that I don't want the booklets to print consecutive pages (right now they would print 1,2 3,4 5,6 etc.) I want them to print side by side so that when the sheets are cut we would have 2 completed and collated books.


      I know that I could just duplicate each page and print that, but I am wondering if there is a quicker way to make this happen? We have over 100 different multipage PDFs to print so I'm looking for a lean way to get this done.


      Is this possible? Do I need to purchase pagination software?