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    I keep getting "Unknown Error while saving"


      I keep getting "Unknown Error while saving"


      Using APE-11 on Windows 7- This error is a first for me, after many years of using Premiere. The product is a mix of photos (jpg and png), video clips (mpg-2 and mp4), and audio clips (all mp3). When I try to publish as Standard DVD- MPEG-2. I get the error. Error repeats saving as MP4.  Error gives no location on the timeline where it is running into an obstacle to saving, so I do not know where to begin looking to remove repair or replace the item causing the 'unknown error'. The prel runs fine, start to finish, giving no indication that the save may run into a problem on final rendering.


      I have tried many different options like rendering the entire timeline prior to saving, converting the clips to all be the same format, with no resolution to the problem.


      I have worked many long hours for many weeks on this project, and I am not going to give it up, especially when the majority of the clips were created on APE in the first place, and the images are all Photoshop edited images





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          Compile Error.PNGScreenshot of error message for above issue

          Also: Since first report, I have attempted render with all sound clips removed (easiest to to with hundreds of clips/photos), with no help. Same error appears.

          I will continue removing aspects of the project until I get a completed save, or until I get an answer here!


          After removing the sound and video clips, video saved ok, with blank spots where the missing video clips were. So I reopened the original prel file, and began checking them individually.

          When I checked the clip properties, it correctly identified the path to the source video, but when I asked it to 'reveal in project', I got this error

          Debug Clip Error.PNG

          So I assume this is where the SAVE error is happening, but as I am not an Adobe coder, I have no idea what it is telling me.

          I did check to insure that the source video from which this clip originates, is in the project assets. I checked all the other clips as well, and any clip from this source video, generates the same error.

          The source video runs fine on its own and is an mpeg-2 file.


          Properties of the source video are:

          MTTSource Vid Prop.PNG