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    Premiere Pro CC 14 > won't quit or open projects

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      Here is my situation.  My HD crashed in my iMac last week and it has been replaced by Apple.  I've now reinstalled all of my apps.  Everything seems to be working fine except for Premiere.  I can open Premiere, open a project and it loads fine.  If I try to quit or open another project while Premiere is open, it does nothing.  Literally nothing.. just sits there like nothing had happened.  Even if I can get to the open project window, I'll select the project to open and then it just returns to the current project... with no options to save, cancel, etc.  I can still work in the project after this.. no spinning pinwheel or hang up.


      I did use a Time Machine backup to get a lot of my files back.  I'm not sure if that messed up permissions or what, but I have followed the steps listed by Kevin here to no avail Premiere Pro CC, CC 2014, or 2014.1 freezing on startup or crashing while working (Mac OS X 10.9, and later) .

      One thing I did try was making a new user account with admin privileges and Premiere seemed to work.  The only issue is that many of my other programs don't work because the serial # is associated with my main user account.


      Here are the specs of my machine:

      iMac 27" late-2012

      3.4 GHZ i7

      32 GB DD3 RAM

      OS X 10.9.5


      Any help would be much appreciated since I'm close to a stand still since I can't move from project to project.



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          Just to follow up..

          I was able to contact Adobe via their online chat. I had a representative do a screen share to figure out what was going on.  From what I can tell, he went in and repaired permissions for my Applications folder, updated the CUDA driver and deleted all of the "Adobe" folders in the user profile and the system profile.  After that, he re-opened Premiere and everything seems to work now.  It must have been some corrupt file in one of the Adobe folders OR a bad permission.  Either way, I thought I'd report back.