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    moving from Pages to InDesign–question re photo style

    malch Level 1

      Hi there,

      So happy to be re-doing my project in InDesign.  Everything so much more professional.  And I can see my book in Facing Pages view!

      One thing I liked in Pages, though, is one of the 'styles' you could add to the bottom edge of a photo—it didn't have a name, but the effect was as if the photo, at that bottom edge, was then reflected.  This reflection faded out quickly, so you could add text or whatever right below the photo, but it was a nice effect.

      Is there anything like this in InDesign?

      If not, is there another way to achieve the effect, say, in Photoshop (which I don't know how to use, but I guess I could try to learn), and then import?

      Thanks, Malcolm