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    partial table of contents


      Hi everybody


      I'm working on a assignment for my studies and struggeling with an idea a had.


      I would like to have a Chapter Sheet at the beginning of each Chapter.

      It will be a grey Paper showing the title of the chapter and it should also contain a small table of contents of only that chapter. I do already have a tbale of contents at the beginning of my assignment showing all the chapters and subchapters and I will ad some at the End for my Sources and all of that. These Tables all show all my entries of the format selected and they work just fine. This one though should only show the subchapters of one chapter. Is there somehow a way to get something like that out of InDesign or might I just have to do taht manually?


      I thought i Might find a workaround with a list or something like that but did not succeed with that up now now.


      Any Ideas?


      Cheers, Oliver