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    Can I create fill-in-the-blank workbooks in InDesign?

    azvlr Level 1

      I am an Instructional Designer new to Indesign and before I embark on learning totally new software, I want to make sure it will meet my needs:

      At my work, we currently have training curriculum that is paper-based and instructor-led and are working on redesigning our curriculum. We likely won't eliminate the instructor-led element of this training, but I would love to put the course materials: objectives, reference material, videos, visual aids, glossary, etc into an electronic format.


      The current printed material that we provide to our trainees has space to take notes, fill in answers before group discussions, and pull together various information into one place to create scenarios as well as a trainee's analysis of a given scenario.


      With this in mind, I am look to create electronic course materials that will: 1) allow learners to take their own notes 2)complete fill-in-the-blank activities 3)write short-answer essay responses and as an option 4)share responses with the group, similar to handing in a paper, in order to facilitate discussion. I would also love it if the material generated by the trainees could be packaged up so that they have a set of personalized reference materials when they are on the job.  


      Is this something that Indesign has the capability to do? Our trainees use PC's (one per student), but the possibility exists in the future to purchase tablets or e-readers for these training classes. Thanks for any advice you have!