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    Why did Lr5.7 add an identical volume to the destinations panel on import from camera card to which the new photos were added?


      I've been using Lr5 for a little less than a year and had never used a photo management program before. Up until 2015 I downloaded photos to my external hard drive and imported to Lr from there. No problem. January 6 I decided to try to download directly from my camera card. Suddenly, on my destination panel an identical volume showed up and this is where the photos were imported to. I know it was identical because it matched the info on the original volume, and when I looked at my file structure in my HD, it was as it should be. When I tried to move the new files into the original folders I got a message the "a folder already exists in that location," which it of course would read because, as I said, my HD folders were formatted correctly. Here's a screenshot of how it looked:

      Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 1.07.44 PM.png

      I'm baffled. I found a workaround by setting up a temporary subfolder under my photograph library, moving them into that, and then into the correct folder. But I'm not sure it won't happen again. And I don't understand why it happened. Any help would be appreciated.