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    Can I create multiple draw layers?

    RyanBrackett Level 1

      I'd like to layer colors on top of each other on separate layers. Thanks!

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe Draw has layers

          Adobe Ideas has layers


          There aren't multiple active sketching layers in Sketch


          You can save one Sketch to your library, then import it as an image (to use above or below your current document).

          Basically, it's like merging a Photoshop doc, then adding a layer to the project.


          It's not the answer I like, but I use it for iterations of ideas instead of rendering.  Nothing beats Photoshop.


          No internal layers: I think that's why Sketch is a companion app to Photoshop (although the exported pngs on PC sadly don't carry an alpha channel). It's very effective as an idea generator.