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    Bounding Box locks up after editing objects


      I am using Edge Animate CC (2014) on a Mac.


      After using Edge Animate for a few minutes (making simple edits to objects), the bounding box around the object selected, and the border around the stage box freeze in place. I am able to move the objects around, but the bounding box that froze initially remains selected, and stationary (no matter which object I have selected in the time editor).


      If I continue to use After Effects, ignoring the bounding box problem, the program eventually freezes and shuts down. I have not been able to find/been given an error code yet. After the program has closed, I can reopen it and it performs perfectly for a little, and then malfunctions in the same way.


      So far I have tried:

      - Uninstalling and reinstalling (keeping program preferences on uninstall)

      - Uninstalling and reinstalling (deleting program preferences on uninstall)

      - Renaming folder in "~/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Edge Animate" folder to "Edge Animate Old" allowing Edge Animate to create new "Edge Animate" folder containing file named 5.0.1 instead of 5.0.0 (I did this under instructions from Adobe phone support. It did not solve the problem).


      Let me know if you have any solutions or if I can clarify anything in greater detail. Thanks!


      Below is an annotated screenshot of the bounding box for a light grey rectangle, and the stage border rectangle (the stage is dark grey), after I have both moved the grey rectangle and the view of the stage.