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    Web font issue - Bangers


      In both versions of edge animate cc 2014 on different computers I'm seeing a bug using Bangers font.


      When I choose to add it from the add font window it will work when initially selected. But if you choose another font after that, none of them work and they all fall back to the default.


      I have windows 8.1 so wondering if this happens to everyone else right now?

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          CPBTenner Level 1

          I have noticed a problem with defaulting fonts as well. Many sans-serif fonts have defaulted, including but not limited to: luckiest-guy, sans-serif, titan-one, sans-serif, bebas-neue, sans-serif, jockey-one, sans-serif, acme, sans-serif, federant, sans-serif, days-one, sans-serif, averia-serif-libre, sans-serif, chango, sans-serif, hobo-std, sans-serif, fugaz-one, sans-serif, stencil-std, sans-serif, holtwood-one-sc, sans serif.


          I am using a Mac running Mavericks.  Please help!!