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    Help with Progress Bar

      Hi --

      I am using the Progress Bar component to build a simple preloader and noticed while simulating downloads at slower speeds that it does not show up until the movie is about 95% loaded. I have attached my code below... why does this occur? How can I get it to pop up right away so that the user does not close down my page? Thanks in advance.

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          phil ashby Level 1
          I think it's because your source is _root, which includes the actual progressbar itself....

          try doing this...create a brand new movie clip and add in a Loader component and make it the size of your stage (the stage of your existing movie). Call this myLoader and make the contentPath = the name of your original swf

          Now drop on the Progress Bar calling it myProgressBar and change the source to be myLoader and pop this code on the timeline

          listenerObject = new Object();
          listenerObject.complete = function(eventObject) {
          myLoadBar._visible = false;
          myLoader.addEventListener("complete", listenerObject);

          Now when you run this movie it will load in your orignal movie and show the preloader loading all the %age...