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    Is anyone else having serious issues with Dynamically linked clip render times in CC 2014.2

    dv416 Level 1

      Short clips stalling and taking forever to render. Longer ones taking several hours???


      I've noticed arbitrary little fixes, such as re-opening the after effects window, then going back into the premiere window causes the render to instantly speed back up in some cases.

      A restart of the program I believe solves the issue too. As does simply rendering the clip out in after effects.


      The problem is that I have long, overnight renders set up that need to run automatically. In this case, 9 clips, all about 30 minutes long. And pretty much all one long dynamically linked comp (I created a picture in picture effect in after effects compiling 2 30-minute video feeds, and then added some color correction). When I left at night, the total time kept creeping up and up to about 2.5 hours for one video. Even THAT sounds like a lot to me, but I let it go. I return to the computer 13 hours later, to see only 3 videos completed, and the one CURRENTLY in the queue saying over 6 hours remaining. I cancel the render.


      I feel like there is some breakdown of communication between afx and premeiere happening here.


      Anyone have any experience with issues like this?


      Running PP CC2014.2 on a tricked out 2011 Macbook pro 17" OSX Yosemite