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    PP CC 2014 plays video fine from .mts files, but the audio is glitchy and jumpy.

    dalesandberg Level 1

      Premiere Pro CC 2014

      OSX 10.9.5


      I have imported .MTS files from one Canon C100 into PP through the Media Browser. I kept the file structure intact from the camera when copying. When I play a file in the source or program monitor the video plays back perfectly; however, the audio is glitchy and jumpy. It will skip time, jumping forward and backward seemingly randomly. If I open the same clip in Quicktime 10, it plays back 100% normal. I have restarted, reimported, and even transcoded the files to Pro Res 422 using Media Encoder CC 14. Nothing fixed it. The audio glitches the same way in the transcoded Pro Res Files.


      This is only the first of three cards of media. In total I have 120 .mts files in three separate AVCHD folders from a three camera C100 shoot. This leads to another issue I know I will run into. There will be three .mts files named "001," three named "002," etc. I have solved this issue in the past simply by transcoding, but that again failed to work for me thus far. So if I must stick with the .mts files, does anyone know a workflow for using multiple .mts files with the same name in one project/timeline?





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          go4anthony Level 1

          Go to download.com and find the K-Lite Codec Pack_Full and install. It seems that the new updates have been messing peoples system's ability to read Codecs. This fixed my problem and I've been searching all day every day for over a week now.

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            dalesandberg Level 1

            I find it hard to believe that this fixes the root of the problem as the same files playback fine in CS6. CS6 and CC 2014 should be referencing the same codec library on my system, right? If this is the case, then there is something wrong with how CC14 is decompressing the footage with the codecs that are working fine in CS6.


            To further this point. I imported the same files into CS6. CS6 played them back fine, so I saved the session and opened it up in CC14. CC14 converted the project file and all media loaded and plays back normal now.


            So if this is a codec issue, it would not have been solved by opening the files first in CS6. It also would not be solved as so many others report by moving the files and relinking to the new folder. It seems to me to be an import issue that is solely in CC14, not CC or CS6.

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              dbeaty2 Level 1

              I have the same problem here, have had it for a year. Video fine, Audio bad on the .MTS files imported from camera card without any transcode. Only workaround I found is to open the files in Final Cut Pro (sigh) Log and Transfer to Apple Pro Res and reimport those into PPRO CC 2014. The Canon C100 is a popular camera with, what I would assume, is a standard AVCHD codec structure and file scheme. So why the audio is being scrambled I don't understand.That said,  I've had SOME files audio tracks work fine with the C100, while others do as you explained: and glitch the audio, skip, are totally out of sync or silent then out of sync. This is reflected in the waveform also. So far I cannot figure it out. These are being shot in 1080p 30. Both Quicktime and Final Cut have no issues with the same clips. This is with the latest OS, CC updates and firmware in the C100. Same problem in Media Encoder, if I export files from encoder, they are also audio glitchy.



              Thanks For Any Suggestion.