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    InDesign table features

    jay fresno Level 2

      There are some table features that Adobe FrameMaker has, and I'm trying to find equivalent features in InDesign. I hope someone can help me locate those features or provide workarounds:

      1. FrameMaker can include a Table Title paragraph as part of the table style. Is this possible in InDesign?
      2. FrameMaker has a "Table Continuation" variable that can be inserted in a table title or table heading row. This is useful for long tables that split from one page to the next. Is that available in InDesign?
      3. As part of a table style in FrameMaker, you can specify widow/orphan settings for rows. For example, if you want at least 2 rows to be kept together, you can make that part of the table style. Is that possible in InDesign?
      4. FrameMaker has a resize columns command that resizes the columns to the width of the text within the cells. In InDesign I find myself tediously resizing each column separately until the text fits in the column. Is there such a resize to width of text command in InDesign?
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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          1, No, InDesign has not such a function.

          2. You can do it in InDesign with any text, so you can do it here: Create a text frame, write a text like "Continue on page ###" For the ### use the marker Nxt Page number and lay the text frame on a position where it is at least a little bit overlapping the main text string.

          3. No, only paragraph styles can it.

          5. Neither.


          Bring it to the Feature Request.