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    Direct Selection or Hand Tool will not Move object with mouse! Frustrated!


      Since this recent update, I haven't been to use my mouse to move an image, text, etc. I'm running CC2014 on my Mac, not running Yosemite.


      I've tried already:

      Clicking some key sequence when opening Indesign so it will clear preferences - did not work.

      Restarted my computer - will work for a few minutes then stops

      Uninstalled Indesign and reinstalled - nothing

      Uninstalled full CC suite and ran the CC cleaner - deleted all instances of Adobe folder on my mac, deleted trash, restarted computer and reinstalled - This did nothing, same issue.


      I'm getting really frustrated as I don't really want to use my keyboards arrow keys to move elements. Any solutions to get rid of this annoying problem?


      Thank you in advance!