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    Colorschema to Dreamweaver?

      Looks like Dreamweaver only pics available hex coded colors in the html file as colors in the assests tab. Is there a way to import the colors in to dreamweaver.
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          I'd love a little clarification on your question. What html file? When you say "import the colors" what do you mean? Thanks,
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            click on the "make changes to this scheme" button (top middle right, under color. icon is a box with a slider). the hex codes for each color are listed below each one. type your chosen hex color into the appropriate place(s) in dreamweaver.
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              Erland Level 1
              It seeems to me that what I realy ask for is a kind of feature enhancement in DW in combination with Kuler. DW shows all colors in all HTML pages, and probably CSS-files within a site. It would have been nice to import Kuler colors to appear in assets/colors in DW and to have them separted with for example a name (new colors, base colors, chart colors,) or a devider. Maybe a feature like this are in the comming version 9 of DW.
              A hack is to make a HTML page with hexcodes and containing colors from Kuler.
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                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                Hi, thanks for clarifying. Today it is beyond the scope of kuler, but it's a good suggestion. We continue to look for ways to improve our functionality.