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    how to change resampling method when resizing elements?


      Hi there.


      I'm trying to learn Edge Animate CC so I'm pretty new at this. I've imported a small animated GIF file for an animation that I'd like to appear "retro" and pixellated. The problem I'm having is that when I try to size up my element (locking the proportions to avoid skewing), Edge is applying some sort of resampling that is softening my pixel edges. In my case, this is an undesired behavior.

      I could work around this by creating multiple sizes of the source image in Photoshop, but that's cumbersome and feels like it shouldn't be necessary. Is there a way to change the resampling method when resizing elements? I'd prefer Nearest Neighbor, leaving the individual pixels crisp with hard edges in the scaled up version of my gif.


      Any help, or am I doomed to create multiple versions at different sizes for my animation? Thanks in advance!