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    Two memberships now!


      Creative Cloud payment didn't go through due to bank card cancellation (fraudulent activity reported on card). Updated the account to new card info from bank. Payment was never run again. Adobe cancelled my membership even though it had the new correct card info. Chatted with support. Said it was not possible to reactivate the old membership. I asked why the payment didn't go through with the new info--they said there was a glitch. And the only way to use CC was to start a new membership. So I started a new membership. After a day, my old membership popped back up! Now I have two!!! I'm getting charged for two. The Adobe payment system is lame. I did a search for this online and it seems that it has been an issue for years. So frustrating. Can someone at Adobe please cancel and reimburse me for one of the memberships without accidentally shutting me out of CC?