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    Add multiple files to book in correct order

    gert verrept Level 2

      I'm looking for a script that can add files to a book file. We often have to make a book with 30 till 70 different files, each of them having an automatically generated internal number (BDAU1234a; BDAU1125f ...). Problem: if we select the files they don't get added in the book file in the correct order. Manually moving them up or down is rather slow. Could this be done without renaming the files alphabetically (that way we don't have to update the links)?

      Workflow now: Clients send randomly some 300 files for 3 books. The files get our internal number in the order they come in (we cannot wait till we have them all). Proof is sent to clients. OK is given Thursday, lot's of changes have to be made. Distribution is Friday.

      Thks already