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    table border

    vladan saveljic Level 4


      I have a table in epub of one row and 2 columns.

      How can I modify the table with sigil to obtain: table width 100%, first column width 20%, stroke only below the second column?


      For example: I would like to obtain table like this below:

      Name ________________________________________


      thanks in advance

      p.s. I export epub from InDesign CS6 and after I use sigil to change codes.

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          vladan saveljic Level 4

          In a new document in sigil I wrote:


          <table width="100%">



            <td style="border-bottom-style:solid; border-bottom-width:1pt;width:90%"></td>




          and it works fine.


          But in an existing document, which already contains tables, I have to create specific table style  in css and than I have to associate this style to the table.

          Does anyone know how to complete this?

          Thank you in advance