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    InDesign CC (2014) won't package fonts

    Fonts won't package

      When I try and package some InDesign files to send to print I am, on accession, receiving the following error:  "InDesign could not package the document 'Name of document". Cannot copy necessary font(s)"


      I have tested the problem to find out why some and not others are having problems and have identified that any fonts that have a '/' in the title (i.e.. Italia Bk/Bd BT) will not package and causes the process to fail. I have tested documents that have packed fine in the past, and they are now failing – even though they packaged ok only a couple of months ago.


      I have tested on a different mac which has not had the last few cloud updates done and the results were:

      Before update: InDesign CC (2014) packaged the fonts fine

      After updating via the Cloud: InDesign CC (2014) did not package the fonts


      Therefore I can only presume it is the update that has caused the issue.


      I have checked all fonts and they are not locked or corrupt / damaged. They are in the right place and working fine. Nothing has changed other than the update.


      I have also tested on a mac that runs Mountain Lion and also one that runs the latest Yosemite OS.


      Any ideas how to resolve this would be gratefully received.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Are these Typekit fonts?


          Those are not packaged.


          If not, what fonts are they?


          Finally, why aren’t you sending a PDF?

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            Fonts won't package Level 1

            Thanks for responding, much appreciated.


            The fonts themselves are definitely ok. I have tested them without the '/' in the title and they package fine.


            Example font is "SymbolITC Bk/Bd BT"


            To test the font, I removed the "/" form the name, uploaded it as a new font, changed the font in the document and packaged it fine, so it has to be the name that is a problem - although it has never been an issue before.


            We usually supply full packaged artwork with a high resolution pdf as standard. Printers can then adjust the artwork at production stage if they need to (colours etc) to get the best result. Also, I need to share files with other designers within our agency.


            Ican work around this by removing the "/" but it would be very time consuming, and older jobs we may need to access and update in the future which use the "/" named fonts would not work and would have to be changed every time which is not ideal

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              I am having precisely the same issue which has only begun in the last few weeks, the offending font appears to be Swis721 Rm/Bd BT.


              I can alleviate the problem following exactly the work around above, but for the same reasons this could become a real pain.

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                That font, if I’m not mistaken, is part of the CorelDRAW collection. Is that the Type 1 or TrueType version?




                Which ever one it is, try the other.

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                  adrianp552698 Level 1

                  Hi Bob


                  It's a Type 1, part of the Bitstream TypeHigh library which I purchased as a whole (quite) a few years ago (I've never been near CorelDRAW). I've been using it constantly for the past ten years and never had a problem packaging it until last week. I have seven catalogues / large cluster leaflets all currently on the go which use the font, as part of a template designed and used for the last few years without any issues. Looking back through updates, these templates are used annually, going to print around the start of March, so it could be an update since then that has upset things.