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      Using classic help to create javahelp, but between compiles I get minor shifts in the page layout that drives my QA people nuts when they run their automated testing. Anyone have any suggestions?
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          Are your QA people running the same JRE as you are or a later version? Mine are running JRE 1.5, we're running 1.4.2. So far, it's working well, only have two formatting issues with two topics (out of 350).

          Since you said "classic" I'm assuming you're using something earlier than X5? If JavaHelp is important to you, I would consider upgrading to RH X5 or X6 and building it as JavaHelp 2.0. JavaHelp 1.1.3 had a few more bugs than 2.0. The most notable was a bug with printing topics from the final build - crashed my system a few times. JavaHelp 2.0 also includes Glossary and Favorites navigation buttons. The Glossary works well, the Favorites options has bugs (documented by Sun), so we don't use it. I would also recommend not trying to use to many additional styles in JavaHelp, because it may not recognize them in the stylesheet. As you know, you can't use email links, external web links, dynamic html, and need to be careful with tables, among other things.

          Trying enclosing the entire JavaHelp TOC in one high-level book/folder. I did that, and the TOC alignment came out perfectly - didn't appear "chopped" off with the bottom vertical scroll bar slightly over to the right.

          JavaHelp also has some problems rendering line spaces between paragraphs. These can be fixed by adding a class to the stylesheet that will reduce the line space above a paragraph by 10 pixels. I call mine .lesstopmargin" and I use it on the first paragraph after Heading 1 and any other place where I need to reduce linespace between paragraphs, bulleted/numbered lists, etc.

          Send me an email at jreinhard@paychex.com if you need more info.