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    My Offset filter not working in Cs6: Seamless pattern problems


      Hi all.

      Im trying to create a seamless pattern. using lots of layers.

      Im going to filter/other/offset/, adding the vertical or horizontal dimensions for as 2953px (image size is 2953px x 2953px). and checking the ‘wrap around’ box.

      But it’s not working & is cropping off loads of the layer, so not seamless at all.

      I've tried with another layer and the same thing is happening.

      I've 'revealed all' and shows nothing. I’ve tried to delete any transparent stray pixels around the layer I'm trying to wrap.

      & I have also selected all & then cropped the image but it’s still happening.

      I've googled till my hearts content but found no other idea on how to solve. Any ideas?


      All my layers are from brushes I have created and used so lots of transparent textures. But that would be a problem if I have tried all of the above would it?


      Many thanks in advance.